This is the MS Windows distribution of XLISP-STAT Release 3. The
16-bit version is in the file WXLSZIP.EXE. The 32-bit vesion is in

Some information on the changes since Release 2 is given in the file

To install either distribution, go through the following steps:

	1. Transfer the self-extracting ZIP archive file 
	to a suitable location. This is a binary file -- be sure to use
	binary mode when transfering it.

	2. Create a directory on your hard disk where you want the
	executables and support files to live, CD to this directory,
	and copy the archive to this directory.

	3. Extract the archive using the command


	where WRCHIVE is either WXLSZIP of WXLS32ZP. Be SURE to use
	the -d flage -- this preserves the directory structure.

	4. Execute

		DIR\APP config

	where APP is either WXLS.EXE or WXLS32.EXE and DIR is the
	directory containing the extracted executable. This will
	install a wxls.ini file and add group and program items
	to the program manager. (At least that is what it does under
	3.1 and NT 3.51 -- I assume something similar happens with
	Win95 and NT 4.0.)

You may also wish to add associations for .lsp, .fsl, or .wks files.

If you want to include any of the 'Autoload' files in the startup
workspace, load them into a running application and do

	(save-workspace "newxlisp.wks")

This creates a new workspace file and exits. You can then double click
on this workspace, or you can rename it 'xlisp.wks' to make it the
default startup workspace (keep a copy of the original one). To load
the compiler, load the file 'cmpload.fsl' in the 'Autoload' folder.

The lisp sources can be compiled by loading the 'cmpsys.lsp' file in
the 'Lisp Sources' folder. This will recompile any .lsp file whose
corresponding .fsl file does not esist or has an earlier modification

The files xlsx.c and xlsx.h are for use in creating DLL's.

This implementation is fairly close to the Macintosh implementation;
the file wxls.tex contains a more complete description of the
differences between this version and other versions.

Source code for the Windows version is included in the UNIX

The 32-bit version requires Win32s to run on Windows 3.1. Win32s is
available from

A minimal runtime system needs the application and the initial
workspace, 'xlisp.wks', and any of the files in the Autoload folder
you want to use. The application, initial workspace, and Autoload
folder must be placed in the same folder. You can add the 'xlisp.hlp'
file if you want documentation to be available.

Luke Tierney
School of Statistics
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455