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jES, the synthetic name of the Java Enterprise Simulator project, is a frame used to develop enterprise simulation models based on the Java version of Swarm both (i) to simulate the activities ‑ and the consistent emerging results ‑ of an actual enterprise and (ii) to build virtual or hypothetical enterprises.

In the first case we can use the simulator to test the behavior of an emulated enterprise, both as it is and wisely modified, with highly practical goals. In the second case, we are interested in theoretical analysis of enterprise creation, behavior, network interaction.

An introduction to jES (141k)
How to use jES (769k)
jESlet, a minor version with didactic purposes (210k)

jES Open Foundation ppt (1322k) pdf (1122k)

jES goes multi-model -> jESOF

How to use jESOF (1342k)

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