Students' project works of my class of Simulation Models for Economics

A Tradable Pollution Market

Equilibrium on nine separated markets with different levels of price flexibility and market opennes

A Fire in Yellowstone Park

Lux and Marchesi: A Stock Exchange Model

Asymmetric information in the market for lemons.

A New Interpretation of the Segregation Model.

District, or not district: that is the question.

Collusion in an oligopolistic market.

Insider traders in a simple stock market.

Fundamentalists and imitators in a simple stock market.

Oligopolistic market and demand curve.

Microcredit: a Micro Way for a Macro Challenge.

Introducing rationality in ASM.

Lemons and fine cars.

Population mobility in Italy.

Credit risk in a stock market with a simplified negotiation book.

Workers and recipes in a production process.

Aggregate demand and supply.


Ascending auction (1/2)., Descending auction (2/2).

Public investment benefits.

Money multiplier. From the same authors, you can also download from there both the file containing a tiny Scratch application and the file money_supply.sltng containing a reduced StarLogo Tng (preview 4.2) application, always about the same problem.

Banks & Companies.

Monopolistic competition.

Sector growth.

Consumption and labour.

Innovation acceptance.

Wealth distribution and rationality.

Simple stock exchange.

Arbitrage price theory.

Redistributive policies.

IPO simulation.

Job market and esogenous variables.

Money supply and banking defaults.

Network economy.

Perfect competition.


Simple oil market.

Price discrimination.


Labour market and trade-unions.

Traffic dynamics.

Wages and unemployment.

Workers in a grey economy.

Real estate and interest rate.

Energy market.

Young artist selection.

Mortgages market.

Monopolistic price segmentation.

Low cost match.

Vaccination cycle.

Virus spread and social welfare.


Population growth and industrial revolution.

Salesmen in action.

Cournot oligopoly.

Labour market.

Ponzi games.

Bank payment system.

Income distribution and samaritan dilemma.

Oligopolies and cartels in communication market.

Microcredit in Bangladesh.

Real estate and mortgage market.

Liquidity trap.

IS-LM model.

A macroeconomic vision of etf prices.

Bank runs.

Alcoholic rate in a club simulation.

Market and interest rates.

Pareto efficiency and Pareto efficiency with social capital

Price dynamic in discount sales.

Village evolution and warehouse effect.

An auction system with rivals.


Hotelling model.


The Jak Bank case.

Political opinions.

Hunting economy and common assets.

Drug legalization.

Time bank.

Hitchhiking against traffic jam.

Learning and horse races.

Worker-firm interactions.

The pursuit of happiness.

Environmental education and_individual_behavior.

Stock market with boundendly rational agents.

Consumption work leisure decisions.

Deposit multiplier and tax havens.

Mall market, bazar market. Business Cycle-Islamic Finance.

Network of opinions.

Part-time and female labour market.

Social influence.

Education, income and information.

Football supporters.

Modified Deffuant model.

Agent-based Axelrod tournament.

Corruption and collusion in auctions.

Indirect cooperation in a Kibbutz.

Microcredit in a district.

ODD protocol on a closed world.

How to build the perfect museum.

Memes and social learning.

Employment and education.

Green car.

Forecasting in an ASM.

Agriculture and competition.

Traffic and pollution in Torino.

Wage Pension Migration.


Rural-urban migration.

Patients and hospitals.

Happiness from consumerism or altruism.

A monetary experiment.

The Real Effect of a Financial Market.

Microcredit and child labour.

Agent Walras.

Reputation in a simple online market.

Two population model.

Tragedy of commons.

Agent-based models for sociology.

Altruism - a gender perspective.

Traffic-jam externalities.

Would be city and pedestrians.

Running corruption.

Stock market with multiple agents.

Import duties and consumption.

Cooperation vs. greed.

Altruism, cooperation and contribution among closed groups.

Affecting mafia with social norms.

AIESEC flows.

Free riders and public transport.

Dynamic discovery of static opinions.

San Francisco park.

Artificial learning in ABMs.

Simulating an ant colony.

Club goods and social interaction.

Bollinger band active strategy.

Wine consuming.

Employment growth and migrations.

Comparative advantages.

Students' behaviour.

What health?

Water pollution in river basin model

Wealth taxation elections

Facilities and knowledge in international trade

Consumer racism and cooperation

Stop-loss strategy

Should I stay or should I go

Rat Race

Migration in Europe

Money and ABMs

Consensus dynamics

Bike sharing

Cartels in oligopolistic markets

Distribution of votes

Forex market

Logistic with drones

Delta hedging strategy

Artificial stock market

Traffic simulation

Informational asymmetry

Migrations and innovation

Policy experiments in a macroeconomic model

Migration, unemployment, and development

Drivers of political influence

Job market with migration

ABM and emerging networks in epidemic spreading

The effects of facilitating voting

Welfare system effects


Simulating travels

Falling profit rate

Students' black market

Microcredit In Brazil

Microcredit with Different Agents

Natural Computing - Shortest Path Problem

Collusion and Price competition

Simulation of an auction with NetLogo

The emergence of complexity patterns in a stock market using agent based models

Trading dynamics in a controlled market

A comparative analysis of network creation and development with NetLogo

Consumers' behavior

New Way of Insurance

Lunch break

Incumbent vs. Entrants

College Applications of High-achieving students

A simulation model for defense of sensitive targets in an urban context

An European Labour Market model using GIS extension and analysis on network resilience and robustness

The Social Phenomenon of Children Not-Recognised at Birth

The world is not just black and white

Neural Networks and ABMs

La persuasione nel network-marketing - Un modello con l'aiuto del software NetLogo

Hotelling model of spatial competition - A NetLogo agent-based simulation

The contagion of luck - A simulation on gambling addiction

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