Students' project works of my class of Econophysics; a few works are related to the class of Interazione sociale of the SSST - Scuola di Studi Superiori "Ferdinando Rossi" dell'Università degli Studi di Torino.

Kim Nicoli Customer's satisfaction - The KPR problem

Pietro Verzelli Stock Market Modelization Using Genetic Algorithms

Andrea Civilini Illegal Street Trading in Urban Context: an Econophysics Model

Umberto Forte The emergence of complexity patterns in a stock market using agent based models

Enrico Minardi A simple renting market

Aleesandro Ruberti Price formation in CDA

Salvatore Vilella An High Frequency Trading model for NetLogo

Andrea Zotta ABM - Le famiglie e le decisioni d'investimento

Giulio Virginio Clemente Simulazione ad agenti di un mercato di titoli con l'uso di algoritmi genetici

Luca Sicuso, and Maddalena Torricelli The power of ethnic diversity

Carlo Fisicaro Policy experiments in a macroeconomic model with a turbulent environment

Luigi Battistoni How a monopolist can learn from market reactions using an artificial neural network

Daniele Carli An Agent-Based Model for optimizing strategies against contagious disease spread

Eleonora Priori An Agent-Based Simulation Introducing Basic Income As a Reaction to Technological Unemployment

Alessandro Greco, Mattia Furlan, and Emanuele Pepe ABM of Turin's public transport and users' behaviour regarding the choice to validate the travel document

Silvia Lazzardi Economic Dynamics in a Simple City Model Using Genetic Algorithms

Federico Di Credico Simulazione del mercato di un gioco di carte collezionabili tramite un modello ad agenti

Federico Cinus and Francesco Surano ABMs for the Last Mile Problem

Chiara Zappalà Trade and Quality

Valentina Macchiati Fishes-fishers-consumers - How to model their interplay

Roberto Bertilone, Francesco Fanchin, and Nicola Sella Memory effect in news spreading networks

Francesco Lomio Performance of a neural network based trading algorithm in extreme events

Alessandro Tofani Economia e religione

Ilaria Ubertino Rosso Evoluzione di una popolazione

Andrea Dal Zotto Come si diffondono le fake news?

Patric Dolmeta Urban Population Equilibria

Sara Gasparini Immune System

Giorgio Mazzanti Resources In Segregation Model

Francesca Palmiotto State-Mafia Model

Camilla Jacod Virus

Nicolò Gozzi Manipulation in a Simple Stock Market

Davide Fallara Popular vote and elections - The role of the election methods and polls in an Agent-Base Simulation framework

Michele Valinoti The role of information in a CDA model

Cedomir Malgieri Voting with Multi-dimensional_platforms

Gabriele Lubatti Fake News Simulation

Francesco Schepis An ABM to train an ANN to forecast the spread of genetic diseases

Maria Marlino Road Traffic Simulation Regulated by Normal Traffic Lights and Green Waves

Luisa Fiume Price Determination with Large Marketplaces

Lorenzo Pantolini Emulation of natural selection through a genetic algorithm in a prey-predator model

Luca Gallo An agent-based model for collective sanction analysis

Andrea Checcoli Beyond Austerity - Fiscal consolidation policy experiments via ABM simulations

Lorenzo Betti Opinion dynamics under bounded confidence on static and adaptive network

Luca Colombo Epidemic Forecasting Challenge

Maurizio Dipierro, Pietro Foini, Giuseppe Ortolano, and Daniele Rama An agent-based approach for a macroeconomic model - The simplified economy of a country

Benedetta Mariani Simulation of a Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process (TASEP) to model vehicular traffic

Costantino Carugno Reinforcement Learning for Economics

Ludovica Antonozzi Dynamics of a financial market with heterogeneous agents

Alessandro Taberna Dual Labor Market: an Agent-Based Model Representation

Eleonora Misino Agent-based simulation: hospital reception and M/M/c queue

Nicola Pacella Modeling fiscal evasion in a dynamic cultural environment

Costanza Polastri Simulating the decrease of surname number in a constant, increasing and decreasing population

Pietro Folco A retirement decision-making model

Lorenzo Chicchi Agent-Based Simulation on different approaches efficacy to contrast wrong rumors

Gabriele Agostino, and Alessio Cotroneo Interest rate, prices and opinion spreading

Gianmatteo Ciulli Resource Management in Country Development

Riccardo Vasilis Bastianutti, and Stefano Butelli Consumer Choices with Bayes' Theorem

Giorgio Mazzanti A model of cooperation between agents, based on the the explicit partner choice model

Massimiliano Ballarin, and Alessandro Pagliaro Agent-Based Simulation for Determination of the Security Margin of Stocks

Lorenzo Costantini, Matteo Mazza, and Gianmarco Sabbatini Development of Stock Players Through Learning Classifier System in "Real" Market

Francesco Puccioni, Cooperation and individual strategy in social science

Rita Maestri, Social ties formation in an evolutional model

Simone Azeglio, Navigation tasks in a reinforcement learning framework

Nicola Maria Scarpa, SEIHRD compartmental agent-based epidemic model with immunization process

Simone Tealdi, Processi diffusivi e contagio

Michele Ciruzzi, Unsupervised Learning for Electoral Systems' Study

Valeria Secchini, Market Efficiency Under Different Dynamics in the Mall

Carlo Vitale, ABM di un modello di Ising 2d generalizzato: un'applicazione alla dinamica delle opinioni

Elisa Garabello, Traffic grid with smart traffic lights system

Martina Scudeer, Agent-based Simulation and Analysis of Queues in Supermarkets

Federico Malizia, Emergence in a real scale free network

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